Parking Tiles

Presenting an exclusive range of heavy-traffic parking tile solutions. Our premium Parking Tiles range offers unique designs and innumerable functional benefits; each tile has been crafted to match your refined taste.

Superior quality, durability, and versatility characterize Johnson Endura Parking Tiles. Our Fully Vitrified Tiles provide homogenous colour throughout the tile along with seamless finish.

With surface hardness value greater than 7 (MOH scale), our rugged parking tiles are equipped to sustain massive traffic and heavy vehicular movement. Johnson Endura parking tiles do not wear and tear even when subjected to heavy footfall.

Since the pigment present in the tile body makes the stain non-noticeable, the tiles largely remain anti-stain and anti-scratch. The tiles do not lose their colour even in extreme weather conditions and are impervious to frost and thermal shock too.

Johnson Endura parking tiles also feature low water absorption, slip resistance, easy installation, simple maintenance, etc., making these tiles an excellent choice.

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