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Endura is brough to you by H & R Johnson (India), the country's largest manufacturer of industrial, Pavement and Specialty tiles such as Swimming pool tiles, Antistatic tiles, Tac tiles etc. Endura offers virtually all types of interior and exterior tiling solutions.
Endura Pavers are smaller format of High Traffic tiles available in a wide range of 10 colors, which help in creating artistic floor combinations that enhance the aesthetics and ruggedness of the landscape. The rock tile texture surface of Endura Pavers along with the Salt & Paper effect offers a rocky-sandy look much sought after. It is recommended to lay Endura Pavers with a gap of 0.6cm to 1cm between the tiles with ARDEX ENDURA tile grouts to enhance both the beauty and functionality of the pavers range.
Endura Glazed Vitrified RusStone is an ideal replacement for all Natural Stones, Ceramic tiles, other Glazed Vitrified tiles & commonly available tiles in market. The additional aesthetic quotient in Glazed Vitrified RusStone combines with the well proven performance of Endura giving a truly memorable Hi-Traffic product. It can be used both for interior applications (porch, kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, terraces) as well as exterior application areas like driveways, walkways, pathways, and for landscaping. Commerical buildings, malls & public places would fine the beauty, ruggedness, scratch & stain resistance, eminently suitable for their needs.
Parameter Italian Marble Natural Granite Johnson Endura Sandex Benefits of Johnson Endura
Porosity Very High Medium porosity Very Low porosity High chemical & stain resistance, clean & hygienic, (Bacteria resistant).
Water Absorption >5% >1% <0.5%
Flexural Strength 6.3 N/mm2 13.8 N/mm2 >35 N/mm2 High strength, durability. Maintenance free.
Abrasion Resistance 350 mm3 180 mm3 < 144 mm3
Hardness on Mohs Scale 4 6 >7
Colour & Design variation Very high High Low Aesthetically superior.
Polish Tin Oxide polish. Poor durability. Surface polish. Medium Durability. Unpolished matt finish. High durability. Polished finish is long lasting.
Laying / Installation Time consuming process. Assorting required. Time consuming process. Assorting required. Pre - sized, easy & faster to install. Ready to use. Easy to lay.
Discolouring (Becomes Yellowish) Frequent Frequent Nil Aesthetically superior.
Life / Durability Low Low High Lasts the lifetime of your home.
Other advantages of Johnson endura are that it is fade resistant, ecologically compatible, and environmentally green with no chemical or toxic substances, it is odourless and has good heat energy retaining and conducting (conserving) properties. It is not inflammable and is also UV resistant.
Endura Industiral tiles can withstand normal impact. They have been tested in automobiles garages where various implements and equipment often keep falling with no significant damage to tiles. However, the tiles are not unbreakable and hence the extent of damage, if any, would depend on the weight and shape and height of fall of the falling object. We therefore recommend a gap of few mm between tiles for easy maintenance or replacement, in the event of any damage.
Cement and Cement concrete tiles tend to pit that form pot holes on usage. In epoxy floors, there is a tendency to develop micro cracks which then tend to peel-off the floor. In both these cases it is difficult to repair the floor. When Endura Industrial floors are installed with proper spacing and grouting, they can be easily repaired by replacing the damaged tiles.
Endura Industrial is a vitrified tile with a very low water absorption. It is highly stain resistant as compared to most natural stones. The application of special over-spray helps seal any residual micro porosity and enhances the stain resistance of the tile.
Endura Industrial tiles are most suited for use over waterproofed terraces as they withstand all the weathering effects roofs are exposed to and insulate against expansion and contraction of the waterproofing layer below. Normally dust on the roof and movement of people leads to abrasion of the waterproofing layer. Endura tiles on a waterproofed roof helps protects this surface. Care should be taken to test the waterproofing layer prior to tiling and tile joints should be sealed properly with epoxy or any other water-proof grouting material.
Endura Industrial tiles come in squares and rectangles. This make it convenient to cut and create any designs or pattern as desired at the time of laying. Cement concrete tiles are cast into shapes and these cannot be cut.
Endura Industrial tiles are best fixed using ARDEX ENDURA Tile Fixing Adhesive and the gap between the tiles can be filled with ARDEX ENDURA grouts. ARDEX ENDURA Tile Fixing Adhesives and Grouts are available in India and are most compatible with Endura tiles.
Endura Industrial tiles are resistant to all alkalis and all acid (in high concentration), except HF or their derivatives.
Endura Industrial tiles are available in the following sizes and thicknesses: 60x60 - 2cm, 60x60 - 1.5cm, 30x30 - 2cm, 30x30 - 1.5cm, 30x30 - 1.2cm, 20.4x20.4 - 1.5cm, 20.4x20.4 - 1.2cm, 20x10 - 1.5cm, 20x10 - 1.2cm.
Static charge is a constant source of problem in various industrial processes, in areas where highly sensitive electronic or computing equipments are in operation, and in many areas of industries where inflammable chemicals or explosives are being used. In such areas sparking resulting from build up of static charge can become a major fire hazard. The use of antistatic conductive and dissipative flooring products helps conduct the static charge away, thus eliminating the hazard.
The Antistatic ceramic tiles (dissipative & conductive variety) are produced by mixing fine semi-conducting oxide powders into the ceramic glaze. Firing of the glaze to a high temperature results in sintering and formation of a stable electrically conducting network of ions in solid solution. This electrically conducting network is fused on the tile, thus making the Antistatic effect permanent for the lifetime of the product.
Static electricity accumulates on the surface of any floor be it natural stone, ceramic tile or other flooring material. This static electricity is accumulated due to the friction between any two surfaces like shoes and the floor. Endura Anti-static tiles are manufactured using a specially formulated conducting glaze that carries the static electricity charge from the surface of the tile to ground thus eliminating the fire hazard.
Recommended application areas for Endura Antistatic tiles are Server rooms, Computer Data Center rooms, PLC Panel rooms, PCB Manufacturing units, Laboratories handling sensitive equipment or chemicals, Petro chemical industries, Shell making factories, Ordnance factories and other Defence factories, Bulk Drug plants, Chemical and Fertilizer plants, etc.
Apart form antistatic propety Endura Antistatic tiles are highly abrasion resistant, have superior chemical durability, very high mechanical strength and are stain-proof.
S. No. Test Description Vinyl/Epoxy/Rubber Antistatic Floor Endura Antistatic Tile
1 Abrasion Resistance Will easily scratch & tear Will not tear & is highly scratch resistant
2 Chemical Resistance Easily reacts with mild acids and alkalis Very high resistance to even concentrated acids & alkalis
3 Durability> Low Very high
4 Stain Resistant Easily stains Stain resistant
5 Color Permanence Fades with time Color is permanent
6 Hygiene Dampness or humidity causes fungus formation Glazed surface is impervious and is easy to clean and maintain
7 Maintenance High Maintenance Virtually no Maintenance
8 Fire Resistant Susceptible to fire Fire resistant
9 Mechanical Strength Low High
10 Impact Resistance Low High
A Comparison between Endura Antistatic Tile & Vinyl Flooring
Endura Antistatic tiles can be installed using conventional cement - sand mortar or using synthetic adhesives such as ARDEX Endura and maintaining a 0.3 cm to 0.5 cm joint that is about 0.6 cm to 0.8 cm deep. Rake open the joints and fix good quality copper wire into the joints. The joints would then need to be sealed with conducting epoxy grout, to allow for a sooth discharge of any accumulated static charge.
Safety of the swimmer and spectator is an important criteria for the swimming pool design. The pool surface is used when the feet are wet and the feet soles are soft after soaking in water. This condition necessitates the tiles to be specially designed to suit barefoot usage since the skin is soft and can get hurt easily.
Endura offers the best designed tiles for covering all areas of the swimming pool. Anti-skid property that give good grip without hurting in dry and wet areas. Coloured pool tiles that show depth and pool edge tiles with safety markings as per international colour coding standard (FINA) Specially designed fitting tiles to cover all corners ensuring no sharp edges. The unique body and glaze composition have been specially designed factoring in the fact that the pool tiles would be continuously exposed to water.
Yes. These tiles are made as per the stringent standards laid down by ASA, FINA ( Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur) & European Standards.
Endura swimming pool tiles can be used to line water tanks in buildings. The water storage tank which are either underground or overhead can be lined in the inside with Endura tiles to keep the area clean. The surface will have less algae growth as the tiles are coated with a impervious glass surface, thus making it an ideal choice for water storage, including drinking water.
Cladstone is used for exterior application which enhances the Aesthetics & also increases the life of the Cladded Structure. CladStone has been developed in a small size of 24 cm × 6 cm with 0.6 cm body, which makes it unique for exterior wall application. Numerous creative combinations can be worked out with this small sized tile. The vitrified body of Cladstone ensures non fading of colors, thermal & frost resistance & protection of walls from external elements.
Johnson Endura tiles offer custom products for different areas such as staircase, cladding, floor, roof etc. Johnson Endura tiles do not lose colour even in the severe sunlight, making them perfect for outdoor places such as porch, garden, swimming pool deck, parking, and more.
Johnson Endura high traffic tiles are crafted with an additional surface hardness so that they can withstand massive footfall and heavy vehicular movement. The company ensures to manufacture outdoor tiles with the best body strength. MOH of more than 6 means that these tiles remain heavy-duty, sturdy, and bear heavy load without wearing out.
These parking tiles offer frost and weather resistance properties. The users can be assured that the surface of their weather-proof tiles remains undamaged even in the harshest weather conditions.
Slip resistance is a must-have feature in outdoor tiles. Slip-resistant tiles keep your visitors, pets, the elderly, kids, furniture, etc., safe. Slip resistance in porch tiles offers high traction and the best protection to prevent slips and falls.
The superior features like slip resistance, weather-proof, low-maintenance, low water absorption, no algae formation, etc., make Johnson Endura swimming pool tiles suitable for large-sized pools in sports complexes, resorts, hotels and in housing communities.
Johnson Endura parking tiles are characterized by high strength, durability, slip-resistance, weather-resistance, easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, versatility, and more. These tiles are apt to be installed in homes and villas, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, schools, housing complexes, etc.

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