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Johnson Endura has pioneered the industrial flooring category in India

Whatever the scale of your industry, Johnson Endura can take the load.

With its offering of industrial tiles that can withstand heavy load movement and severe acid/alkali applications, Endura is ideal for any heavy-duty flooring requirements.

Johnson Endura Vitrified Tiles have been used to successfully replace Epoxy Flooring, Kota, Mandana, AR Bricks and other traditional flooring options. So, no matter what the size of your industrial flooring problem is, Endura offers you a solution that will last for years together.

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Access friendly India...

The Red Ramp Project is a small step by H&R Johnson to create a shift in people’s thinking, and maybe in the priorities of some policy-makers too.

Johnson Tiles is attempting to bring a mindset as well as a behavioural change to address this very basic need. While this film focuses on three independent individuals with varying physical challenges, it is indicative of the bigger issue. With this attempt, we would want this topic to become a discussing point amongst the people of India.


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