Johnson Endura

Stepping Stone

Johnson Endura Stepping Stone range is a revolutionary way to build staircases with step tiles, risers and landing areas.

Endura Stepping Stone is India’s first double bull nosed fully vitrified step tiles which makes the staircase safer and comfortable to step on and because of the matching risers and landing area tiles it improves the overall aesthetics of the staircase to the next level.

Size: 60x95 cm & 62x152 cm | 30x95cm & 31x152 cm , 30x120 cm | 60x120 cm

Thickness: 1.5 cm , 1.2 cm

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Tile Features

Ready to
Bull Nosing
Skid Resistant
High Flexural
8 Beautiful

Application Areas



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Features Advantages Benefits
Wide range of 8 colours Architects & customers can creatively work with combination of colors suited to their aesthetic sense. Unique and landmark building structures can be designed.
Vitrified Endura body with lowest water absorption of <0.5%, MOH hardness of > 7 Durable & long lasting. Cost effective in long run as
cornpared to other options of paint, aluminum facades etc. Higher cost savings with lowest maintenance.
UV resistance — Neutral to sun's UV effect No fading of colours. Shades maintained forever.
Add aesistance Acid rains do not affect the building structure. Long life structural protection.
240mm x 60mm x 6mm format Structural stability with low dead weight. Safe cladding.
Specially designed back panel Enhances mechanical bonding with adhesive. Safety with stronger bonds.